Life is a Pool of Relations

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Family At every stage of life either in happiness or during hard times our relationships and families  are only two things who stick to us till the grave . Learning to manage stress,  understanding our own emotions and behaviors, and  effective communication will help strengthen our own emotional health and also our connections to the important […]

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Healthy Relationship: To build a healthy relationship, it is important to: Build: A relationship should build on a cornerstone/foundation of respect and appreciation. The fellow member with whom we are just going to start a relationship, we must keep focus on all the considerate things that he/she says and does, like friends considerate enough to […]

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Friendship Friendship- It is like a ship where strangers/individuals become friends, travel and have a joyful journey throughout the life.  The starting point of this journey is school where we acquire lot of friends. Definition of Friendship is explained in many ways. Friendship is a feeling of love, care and mutual affection of one living […]