Life is a Pool of Relations

About me

Hai! Thank  you very much for visiting my page.  Do you want to know who I am.  Sure, let me introduce myself.I am Sravani Konchada ,I like to be called Srav.  I live at Hyderabad. Yes I am female if you happen to be strange with Indian names.

I love everyone equally.  Male or Female.  Human being or any living being.   Yes,some times we are more close with other living beings.  They may be pets that encroach our living room or things that adorn our home and body.  I feel this is  what relationship is all about. Anything that is close to our heart is valuable to us.evolving relations by Sravani Konchada

In the wake of growing technologies the space of relationship is at times shrinking and  in some cases expanding.  By the way ,I should tell you who i am.

I am with  EPM WORLD,Hyderabad  as a Social Media Analyst(Trainee).  Here too it is my duty to create,develop and maintain relationships.  I completed my graduation with B.Sc (Computers) as my subject at B.S.R.Degree College affiliated to Andhra University. I have acquired highest percentage in the three years of my graduation.

Persevarance is my nature.  I like challenges.  I dream and work to achieve success. My positive and polite outlook made me favorite of many friends and acquaintenances.

Somehow I am always attached to the subject of relationships.  I like to add you to my world of social networking.Let us explore the word and world of relationships. Can you like me on my facebook page?  I assure you to reciprocate the same.

Relationships are ever evolving .  Let us explore and may be exploit for mutual benefit.


Sravani Konchada


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